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The Rules of Basketball

Discover how a basketball game is played, as well as the basic rules and different zones of the court.

Basketball Violations

Violations lead to the ball being turned over to the other team. Learn about the Out of Bounds; the Double Dribble; Ball Carrying; the Over and Back; and Kicking so that you can avoid committing these violations when you play.


It's important that you know how to avoid these fouls so that you can avoid incurring penalties against your team and getting excluded from the game!


Learn how traveling is committed and penalised in a basketball game and how you can avoid it!

Positions and Roles

Learn about the five different basketball positions and each player's role within the team.


Learn to adopt a good defensive stance, position yourself on the court and move effectively.

Time Violation

The 3, 5, 8 and 24-second rules ensure a fast-paced offensive game! Please note that the 24-second rule applies to advanced leagues.


The scoring system in basketball means that you can score lots of points in quick succession.

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